Rappin' Rosa (MC Keno)?

M. Mitchell Marmel marmelmm at drexel.edu
Thu Feb 3 16:49:56 CET 2000

At 9:05 AM -0500 2/3/00, Don Rosa wrote:

> > From: "Rodney w bowcock jr."
> > speaking of auctions.......does anyone know why when you look up "Don
> > Rosa" on yahoo auctions you get a bunch of stuff for the deceased rap
> > star 2-Pac?  I can't figure it out, and it's irritating me to no end.
>But that's me... "rap" was what I used to do before I started doing comics.
>Oh, no, wait. I owned a construction company. That's right. Sorry. I got
>mixed up.

(snicker)  There are some similarities.

Rap: Men with baggy pants
Construction: Men with baggy work pants

Rap: Gold chains
Construction: Hoist chains

Rap : Smoke rock crack.
Construction: Show butt crack.

You get the idea...


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