Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Thu Feb 3 17:41:49 CET 2000


> > > about eBay
> Think about it more and you'll see how well it works.

Thinking didn't help. But the explanations of François and Rebecca did!

> > > every single
> > > message I get starts out by saying that the "Lo$" are 
> > > their favorite stories.
> >
> > Maybe *I* should write a letter to you, then? 8-)
> Maybe so, but did you see the other messages in the same 
> Digest as yours?

Yep. I was just referring to how literal one should take the words "every
single message"...

BTW, I'm not asking you to please anyone else but yourself. I think the best
creative work comes from people who do what they like most. (And "noone is
poor who...")

> > Rosa" on yahoo auctions you get a bunch of stuff for the 
> > deceased rap star 2-Pac?
> But that's me... "rap" was what I used to do before I started 
> doing comics.
> Oh, no, wait. I owned a construction company. That's right. 
> Sorry. I got mixed up.

So you're *sure* that you're not the deceased guy? 8-)
(The underworld-drawings in the Kalevala story looked *quite* realistic!)


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