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Thu Feb 3 18:15:31 CET 2000

Hi everybody,

> Egmont has told me (and I don't guess there's any reason that this is a
> "secret" since it's definitely what they say) that the readers do not like
> my "Lo$" stories or my other complex history-based treasure hunts and
> adventures, and that they will only accept action and slapstick stories
> from me.
maybe they think that your comics are sometimes too wordy. i don't know for
sure but i wander: When you (Don Rosa) make a comic story, what is the
target audience? Everybody of all ages? Teens and above??? Sorry to ask this
question but among my fellow country's fans, they said that your stories are
too wordy, thus required "extra" reading to get the meaning of it. I
personally have no prob at all with that. Just wandering.

> than that -- sorry! Sure, he is a reluctant hero, and his actions are
> sometimes clumsy -- this is "humor". If I don't do it that way, I end up
> with a "drama".
Reluctant hero? Does this mean that you make DD doing heroic stuffs without
DD realizing himself or DD did the noble stuffs and knows what he's doin'?
Cause IMHO, DD should be the one doing the noble stuffs (agree with you,
Don) but he shouldn't realized either he's doin' a noble thing or not.
Please CMIIW, maybe i got the wrong point of view of DD?

> Oh, *that* won't change in my stories. DD and U$ will always bicker! U$
> will always treat DD like dirt because he envies him. And DD will always
> call U$ a greedy bastard because he thinks U$ is more successful than him,
> which he isn't.
"he envies him"??? This is confusing me. i thought that U$ "harsh" on DD
cause he wants DD to be his successor and wants DD to became just like him,
CMIIW. And DD doesn't think U$ is more succesful (IMHO), but rather DD  sees
U$ as a poor old "duck" since i don't recall i've read anything that DD
think U$ is more succesful, all DD knows is U$ is a greedy old duck who
babbles all the time and doing not so good doings to others. i think DD
doesn't even care about U$' success. Again CMIIW.

> important function. But it had nothing to do with him doing any swimming,
> "like a duck" or otherwise.
> >>>it's strange that some things
> aren't explained. For instance, why does Magica arrive in that big
> wooden(?)
> bird construction.
> Ah, that's easilly explained -- "artistic license". That panel duplicates
> famous Finnish painting, as do several others. In the original painting,
> My script explained all that was happening on that page. No secret
> knowledge required.
Booo-hooo, i don't know all this stuffs you all are talkin about. Waaah,
hopefully the local publisher here will print it in the near future but i
doubt it since  from the impressions i get, Kalevala story is a very
challenging story to be translated because of the "Rune-o-meter", did i say
that right?

> You and others need to brace yourself for the possibility/probability that
> there may never again be Disney comics in the English language. At least I
> have no optimism on the matter, seeing the level of current NONactivity in
> the process and knowing the attitudes of the licensing corporation.
Well , i hope everything will go well despite of my not-knowing of the
situation there but i sure hope that US Disney will be available soon.

 And if
> that depresses you, think how it makes ME feel! Never again will I see one
> of my own stories in a language I can read, despite all the work I put
> them! And there's nuthin' I can do about it. (I told you there are *lots*
> of frustrating aspects of this job that I need to overcome... doing "Lo$"
> stories is one way to enjoy it more... then not being able to *read* that
> same "Lo$" story makes it even more frustrating... never-ending cycle...)
I'm sorry to hear that.

> > I wonder what the ratio "grown up"-readers to kid-readers is...
> I think they say that half of the readers are more than 18. But not
> only grown-ups likes Don's Lo$-stories. Small kids likes books with
> many details, and Don's stories has many details... I wonder who ...
The details, yes, when i was a kid i always enjoy every little details in
BArks works too and now in Rosa's too. In Barks, i especially like the
simple funny in-gags stuffs in the panels, like a painting on the wall, the
aguarium, etc. Am i confusing anybody?

> Egmont didn't censor the guns in Lo$ chapter ? and ?. Disney made
> Gladstone tell Rosa to retouch them...
Retouch them??? By changing guns to .....???? Please fill me in. No, i don't
mean my name but the reouched version;-)

> > oh well, back to my french verbs...
> Bon chance:-) !
Whats' that mean if i may know. Please share the meaning of it as i know
there are some people who doesn't know this expression either. Please
enlighten me :-)
Someone named PE??? sez somethin like this
As I said before,
> don't hold your breath if you're waiting for stories by Rota.
Why??? i mean what's the matter with Rota and his upcoming stories? Please,
i would like to know.

> It occurs to me, since you're asking me about Egmont's not wanting any
> future "Lo$" stories, I should make sure I explain what they say
> completely -- they say that the original 12 episodes of the series were
> okay, but that there is no reason to continue it, and that it's the
> subsequent episodes that the readers don't like.
A question from this newbie(me of course, who else): Of Ducks, Dimes, and
Destinies, when did you finish it? After or before the whole Lo$ saga???

Stefan Persson
 > >Of course Scarpa writes in italian, but his stories will not be
> >in Italy. Maybe he quarreled with Disney Italia, so that i will not give
> >them the original italian version of his new stories, and Disney Italia
> >will have to translate them from an other language. I like Italy, Europe
> >World, but i would like to read the Scarpa's stories in italian.
Seems like Don's situation here: making a story which will be published in a
foreign issue rather than his/her own locals.

> speaking of auctions.......does anyone know why when you look up "Don
> Rosa" on yahoo auctions you get a bunch of stuff for the deceased rap
> star 2-Pac?  I can't figure it out, and it's irritating me to no end.
Ha, ha, ha, huh? No, i don't know what's wrong but it just seemed "funny".
BTW, i don't recall to have that kind of problem with Yahoo, did you type it
right, i mean: Rosa, Don or Don+Rosa.

Whew, that's a "mouthful" BTW one more thing i'd like to know. How come
there's a reply message to a message in the same DCML digest. How can that
be? I am confused. Pleaze help me.

Arie Fachrisal

(At the end of Han dynasty, rebels strike everywhere. Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and
Zhang Fei swore an oath of brotherhood to unify China and bring peace to its
people---Three Kingdoms) Well, it seems many like to put some kind of a
quote, i think i'll just put this one in to add some "spice" a bit;-)

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