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From: Joachim Stahl (j.stahl at
Subject: Lo$; Donald is no duck

Some of you are wondering why Egmont doesn't want Don Rosa do more sequels
of the Lo$-series. Though I'm not in charge of the comic-production, but
only for the German Weekly, I know for sure that Byron Erickson and his
colleagues haven't become insane. Many Egmont-countries are doing lots of
market-research, and it has become obvious that Don Rosa's historical
stories really are much less popular that his other stories. F. e., the
best-rated Rosa story ever was "A Matter of Some Gravity", whereas the
second part of "The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark" got the poorest
comic-rating of its issue! That's the reason why Byron asked Don Rosa to
concentrate on the kind of stories that the huge majority of our readers
like much better.

Harry Fluks is right when he mentioned that Donald is not referred to as a
Duck in the German translation of the "Kalevala"-story. It's our tradition,
based upon the translations of famous Erika Fuchs, that Donald should never
be called a duck in the German texts. I think our translator Peter
Daibenzeiher solved the problem that Don Rosa put up for us by using Donald
in his plot as a duck  in a very elegant way.

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