Donald doesn't think he's human....

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Mon Feb 7 09:44:19 CET 2000

Henri (welcome to the non-lurking dcml'ers! 8-)

> With some annoyance and much surprise I've
> been reading for the last days, the discussion of Donald
> being human. And everyone seems to agree....

I never wrote I agreed with Donald being human. I agree with the fact that
Don Rosa regards the Ducks to be human. That's a subtle difference...
(I myself think that Donald Duck is a comic character. And there's a cartoon
character with the same name and appearance.)

BTW, why would you be annoyed about a DCML discussion?

> Donald doesn't. Some nice oldies of the dutch Disney
> weekly give me proof ;-).
> Well, he's even insisting being a real duck and nothing else.

One could compare this with people's names: if Arthur de Wolf would be in a
comic story, he could insist that he is a wolf, or make jokes about wolves
being eaten. If a fluks would be an animal, I could insist on being a
fluks... 8-)

Harry Fluks, Leidschendam, Nederland

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