Arie needs a coupla books...

Eta Beta pflip at
Mon Feb 7 16:31:28 CET 2000


>>a story I'm surprised nobody mentioned
>> (or maybe I missed that) is "The Duck That Never Was"...

>Isn't the real title "The Duck Who Never Was"???

Indeed, I was quoting from memory and, as it often does, it
failed me :-)

But you did recognize the story I was talking about, didn't you ?

>>(I'm a Capra fan, too)..

>Capra or Carpa??? Are you just sleepy or you just take a heavy dose of
>drugs? ;-)

>>I don't see any silver lining in this cloud...

>Lightning maybe??? Wow, you must be takin' somethin' ;-)

Ma'af, man, but you DO need a bit of advice...

First, I suggest you to be a bit more careful about how you address
people, even when it's apparently clear that you're joking, somebody
might just take it seriously...

Second, you might need a couple of books.

The first would be on American Cinema, where you would discover the
existence of Frank CAPRA, a great movie director who, among various
masterpieces, in 1946 made a movie titled "It's a wonderful life",
and if you get a chance of actually watching that movie, you may notice
a certain resemblance of its plot to that of Don's "The Duck WHO never

To be as clear as crystal, Don's story is a hommage to Frank Capra's

The second book, and that's really useful, I bought one myself long ago,
would be a dictionary of idiomatic phrases in English, where you would
discover that the phrase "Every cloud has a silver lining" means that
even in the worst situation one might find a positive angle, to put it

Lining = the covering of the inner surface of anything

And, here's another one for your crash course in idiomatics, which
BTW fits perfectly...

"Put it in your pipe and smoke it!"


>BTW, in what city were you?

Oh, I've been mostly around Sumatra and, later, Bali, in Java I
just managed a rather short visit to Yogya and surroundings.

Selamat tinggal  :-)

Eta Beta

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