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To Anders Christian:

	>>Last year among the most popular stories were Don Rosa's "The
Treasure of the Ten Avatars" and "Escape from Forbidden Valley"< As if
there's no history in those... Ten Avatars! ;-)<

	Right you are, so let's be more precise: It's not the stories with
any history-elements that are unpopular, but the historical Lo$-stories.

	>Ha! Really shows how different readers are, huh? I for one think
they're disgusting. and some other Barks-fans has told me that too... Why is
it that barks has to be reworked into Manga, children books like they did in
DK 1987 or into Ducktales. Aren't they perfect as they are?<

	That's the whole point: Our young and our old readers ARE different.
The young ones love the new Manga-stories, whereas we received a lot of
critic from our older readers. IMO the Barks stories ARE perfect as they
are, and I don't like their Manga-rework so much either. But that doesn't
count. I'm not working for the German Weekly to please myself, but to do the
best for the majority of our readers.

	>BTW The super-action-comics seems to be the only Barks-comics in
you MM, that is sad to me. But I guess the german public doesn't like Barks
in MM? Only in albums then.<

	Oh, no! There still are regular Barks stories in our MM (f. e.
"Watchman over Silk" in MM 02/00, "The Brave Stationmaster" in MM 04/00),
and they are generally still very popular. The only reason to published only
Barks-Mangas was that the many available non-Barks-Mangas were altered
Weekly-stories that had been published only two or three years ago, whereas
the original Barks-stories hadn't been published in the Weekly for at least
eight years. 


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