Ridout ridout5 at erols.com
Fri Feb 11 00:28:41 CET 2000

>I guess you haven't seen last year's "Asterix and >Obelix vs. Caesar",
>then.  Gerard Depardieu looked exactly like >Obelix. (OK, he didn't have
>a bulb-like nose, but believe me, you'd never >notice.)

Nope, I had no idea. However I'm guessing it was probably a French movie
which would explain why. It is very difficult to find English versions of
Asterix movies around here and I haven't even managed to see the animated
ones yet (I've only found them on ebay, and I've binged on comic books and
the like there so much that I'm pretty much out of cash now). I'd *really*
like to see that though!
I guess dropping out of French class was a bad idea :-(

ok, now I'll try to stop getting so off topic...


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