Super Picsou Geant

Ridout ridout5 at
Fri Feb 11 00:42:18 CET 2000

> A few years ago in the local book exchange, I found this rather large
> of Disney Comics - nearly 200 pages - called Super Picsou Geant.  So from
> meagre skills of investigation I skillfully (or not) deduced that Picsou
> means Scrooge.  The number on the spine is 37, and was published in 1990.
> Are these the French Disney comics?  I can't even read the thing - I just
> got it because it's a novelty.

I have a copy of "Super Picsou Geant" also (the november 1999 issue). The
regular French disney comic book is called 'Picsou' and is much smaller (as
in less pages). It's printed in magazine format and has articles and
advertisements in with the comics. I think that "Super Picsou Geant" is just
a special album they come out with every so often since it is printed in a
graphic novel format, is increadibly long, and has no advertisements.


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