Rebecca : ooops !

oliv lascif at
Fri Feb 11 17:34:41 CET 2000

rebecca wrote :

>I have a copy of "Super Picsou Geant" also (the november 1999 issue). The
>regular French disney comic book is called 'Picsou' and is much smaller (as
>in less pages). It's printed in magazine format and has articles and
>advertisements in with the comics. I think that "Super Picsou Geant" is just
>a special album they come out with every so often since it is printed in a
>graphic novel format, is increadibly long, and has no advertisements.

Super Picsou Géant is a regular comic book.
It is printed each 2 months since .... oooff a long time :-)

But you're not completly wrong, it had been a
custom-made issue during many years
(#1 came out in july 1977)
Even in this period, it was regular by its
frequency which was quarterly.

Hey, you said it's *increadibly long* !
Don't you think we are lucky ?
Or maybe it had bored you ?

Bye bye

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