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>But I had never heard of the Greek "Miky Maous". Is it a pocket book
>like "Topolino"?

Yes, the Greek "Miky Maous" is pocket-book size, with a page-count of 100.
It is the longest-running Disney title in Greece, having made its debut
back in 1966, when the present publisher (Mr. Terzopoulos) picked up the
Disney license.

I grew up on "Miky Maous". My Mom would call all the comic books I'd buy
"Miky Maous"! My Dad would also read it (we're talking about late
'60s-early '70s), and he still remembers Uncle Scrooge and his Money Bin.
It's in there that I read my first Scarpa and Barks. 

"Miky Maous" has gone thru a number of phases: it had *great* periods when
it published true gems by people like Scarpa, Barks, Carpi, Cavazzano, M.
De Vita, and other less fascinating periods, when it re-printed the worst
from Italy's "Topolino", or when it'd print and re-print the same story
countless of times, ad-nauseum. In the past 2-3 years, it re-prints stories
from "Topolino" with a 2-3 year gap, never seen before here in Greece, even
if their selection is not always optimal and to my taste.

Yes, I'd call "Miky Maous" Disney-comics' main-stay in Greece.



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