Greek "Miky Maous"

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> It is the longest-running Disney title in Greece, having made its debut
> back in 1966, when the present publisher (Mr. Terzopoulos) picked up the
> Disney license.

Or, more likely, his father. If I recall correctly, Miky Maous was originally
published by E. Ch. Terzoopulos, while it is now published by Ch. E.
Terzopoulos. (Given that most Greeks use their father's name as a middle name,
and that many Greeks take the name of one of their grandparents, I would
assume that the current publisher is the son of the original publisher.)
In any case, the Disney license has been in the same family business for a
third of a century.

> I grew up on "Miky Maous".

Ditto. As an interesting bit of trivia, I remember that the day the military
coup broke out in Greece on April 21, 1967 was a Friday, because I remember I
had been expecting to get the new issue of Miky Maous that day--talk about
rare issues!

> "Miky Maous" has gone thru a number of phases: it had *great* periods when
> it published true gems by people like Scarpa, Barks, Carpi, Cavazzano, M.
> De Vita,

One of these must have been during its first years, when they even got
some kind of quality award from Disney, in the form of a bronze statue of
Donald, a picture of which they would print on a few issues of that time.

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