DCML digest, Vol 1 #93 - 9 msgs

Henri Kunne HJC.Kunne at net.HCC.nl
Sat Feb 26 01:18:21 CET 2000

Francois Willot wrote:

>> Some time ago I commented on this list I had troubles requesting info 
>> about subscriptions to Italian editors. Yesterday, at last, I recieved 
>> a posting from "The Walt Disney Company Italia" reporting me the 
>> editions actually available & payment ways accepted, which I quote 
>> here for anyone interested:
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>> List of prices for a one-year subscription:
>> Title isues/year Ordinary mail Air mail
>> ================================================================
>> I GRANDE CLASSICI 12 75100 84100
>> I CALSSICI 12 62100 69300
>> ZIO PAPERONE 12 74200 81400
>> I MAESTRI DISNEY No subscriptions admitted
>> (we already know the reasons why :-( )

Did I miss something? No, I don't know! Why not?

>> TOPOPLINO 52 208200 239400
>> (all prices in Italian Lire)

I regret it being no estimate given in any other currency, dollars if need
be, but lires are, in a sense, 'unreadable' to non-Italians. How much
is all this?

>To anyone interested in subscribing to Italian comics, I would like to
>add that it is also possible to subscribe to other comics, for instance
>"Mega 2000". They accept such subscriptions from france at least. Sorry
>I can not give you any price right now.
>> Way of payment for foreign countries:
>> -International check to:

Can't it be an Eurocheck, within the EU??

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