kfitz kfitz at halcyon.com
Sat Jan 1 02:52:24 CET 2000

> Don Rosa to Abdulmonem Abbas:
> > No one is "gifted" with a "talent".

I believe talent is a gift to be shared with those who appreciate it.  To
me, it seems like there is a universal source out there and occasionally
one taps into it and comes out with a wonderful idea they can express via
their talent. Some like Don Rosa seem to be connected all of the time!

Ideas and talent that I have never felt like "mine" rather something I have
been able to utilities.  The minute I think something is due to me, the
ideas quit coming, regardless of what I am working on.  

Sadly I think many people do not ever discover or use the talent(s) they
have access to and those people probably never discover the happiness it
can bring.


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