Tarzan graphic novel

Ole Reichstein Nielsen ole.roc at get2net.dk
Tue Jan 4 22:03:25 CET 2000

> I would like to know: Did a comic with the adaption of the 
> movie tarzan come out in your country? Our weekly has
> had a tradition of publishing the movie-adaptions, but I guess
> they stopped, as they do with many nice traditions, or maybe
> thew adaption was too bad? In Greece  saw adaptions of 
> Bug's Life and Simbas pride. maybe Tarzan has been published
> in Megalo Miky?
> I guess you other scandinavians haven't seen it either?
> Might it be out as a one-shot anywhere?

I suppose the Danish publisher decided that with all the half
dozen other versions of the story targeted at various age groups
it was kind of stupid to give away the only regular comic version
with the weekly. Not that I've seen the various merchandize for
this movie, but it's as much a tradition as the christmas supple-
ment issue. Which wasn't saved away btw, but had a coverless
reprint of the 50es edition of the Barks one-shot "You Can't Guess".
The Tarzan story looks good, I can tell from the Dutch serialized


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