Phantom Blots daughter

Nisse Krenchel nisse.krenchel at
Tue Jan 11 12:14:30 CET 2000

Anders Christian Sivebaek:
> I seem not to be able to get connected with the online pages about
> charecters.
> I wonder if any of you can tell me something about Phantom Blot's
> daughter. She popped up in issue 41 in 1999 in the danish weekly on
> some fact-page. no references to any story. maybe you could give me
> such a code for a story, so that i can look up the story, if there have
> actually been published any stories with her in Europe.

The Phantom Blot's daughter appears in the MMA #8 issue. It is the famous issue with the John Byrne Cover-page - one of the absolute best cover pages with Mickey in the last 20 years!! The story itself is also among the very best modern Blot-stories IMHO.

Here is the details from INDUCKS:
Story code: KM 2690 
Number of pages: 12 
Written by: Lee Nordling 
Pencilled by: Stephen DeStefano 
Inked by: Gary Martin 
Layout: 3-tier 
All appearing characters: Mickey Mouse, Chief O'Hara, The Phantom Blot, Pluto, Goofy 
First published: 1991-01 
Publications: USA MMA 08 

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