Francois Willot Willot.Francois at
Tue Jan 11 20:55:14 CET 2000

> To get back on topic, is PM's almost exclusive printing of Barks and Rosa
> stories similar to Gladstone's re-re-...-printing of Barks stories? If
> so, I can understand your frustration. On the other hand, if this is the
> only vehicle for printing these stories (e.g., there is no Barks or Rosa
> in Mickey Parade), and the stories have not been printed in France for
> some time, then this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

It is the only place where these stories are printed indeed.

In the latest issue, they made two typos, saying that "Nostradamus" and
"Rocks" were from 1949 (it must be 1989 instead).
One positive thing: to my knowledge, this is the first time in France
that "Frozen Gold" is published in its original format. The first panel
was unpublished too (I remember it was deleted in all previous


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