The Tarzan comic adaptation (and some Dutch stuff)

Harry Fluks fluks4 at
Wed Jan 12 17:23:35 CET 2000

USA publisher Dark Horse issued a 2-part adaptation
of the Disney movie Tarzan. This comic version was written
by Greg Ehbar, and drawn by Mario Cortez. This Dark
Horse version was reprinted in Holland in the weekly and
in an album.
Source: Stripschrift 323, December 1999.

I bought this Stripschrift together with some other
magazines at half price in the comic shop "Panda"
in The Hague. This shop exists 30 years this year,
and that was a reason for the owners to stop and
sell everything (or so they say). I was there last
Saturday, the third day that everything went at 1/2
price. The shop was already half empty! Some
interesting things (like the Mickey newspaper
xeroxes by Horst Schroeder, recently discussed
here on DCML) were already gone.
Other things I could still get my hands on.

As a coincidence, I also bought a Stripschrift
magazine of 30 years ago, because it has an
article and a comic of Mickey Mouse in Africa.
In the article. writer Henk Albers says: "making a
list of *all* the Mickey Mouse comic stories in
the world is impossible". Well, we try anyway! 8-)

That same Stripschrift has an advertisement about
"a new comic shop in the Hague" - the very same
that is closing exactly 30 years later!

In another issue of Stripschrift, there's an interview
with one of the *worst* Disney artists from Holland:
Carol Voges. He only mentions his Disney work
*once*, with the words: "I drew Disney comics
for the weekly for decennia. You name it, I drew it,
from Donald Duck to Chip 'n' Dale, and everything
in between. I never objected to doing that, and after
all, I need to earn a living."

Fortunately, Voges is not drawing Disney comics
anymore. Imagine the quality of the work when the
artist "never objected" to doing it...

(Currently recovering from a kidney operation - everything
went extremely well, fortunately)

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