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>MMA 7 and 8 you say?
>How old are they and is there a chance I can get hold of 
>them in a danish comic-shop or something?

Well, strange coincidence, I bought those issues, from 1990,
(and a lot others) myself in Copenhagen, at Pharao's Cigarrer,
in 1998.

I know, it's some time ago, and since they were on a shelf
labelled "All at 10 Kr." I guess they went pretty fast, but
maybe it's worth checking, anyway... same goes for Fantask,
they kept a lot of Gladstone stuff, too.

>I'd really like 
>to read the stories, or maybe at least see one panel with 
>the charecter. 

The latter is easily arranged, check

Also, for those curious about what Mickey Mouse might look like
when drawn by John Byrne (I wouldn't have noticed, if they didn't
tell me :-), here's the cover of MMA #8

However, the cover credits for MMA #8 say:

Art by John Byrne (with an assist by Michael Horowitz)

I wonder what that assist might have been... was that a basketball
style assist, like passing an idea and slam-dunk it :-), or...

Perhaps John Byrne didn't draw Mickey, after all... ?

A final note about the Phantom Brat:
The editors asked the readers, in MMA #8, to forward their opinions
about the character, especially as to whether, in their own words,

"Is she a sweet tyke who just happens to have a felon for a father?
Or is she as twisty as her old dad ?"

Will we ever know ? :-)


Eta Beta

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