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	Hey Vidar!

>In the first story (six pages), 'Donald Dak' asks Gyro to make a (female)
>robot to do the house. Everything is ok until Donald presses the wrong
>button. The robot gives Donald a *hot* bath and other ill treatment. On the
>last page Donald flees Gyro's house after duplicating the robot.

Harry thought this to be a Dutch story, but I believe it to be one of
Egmont's: D 97228 "Serves You Right," written by Pat and Shelly Block and
drawn by Torres. Actually, the robot is supposed to be a substitute
*girlfriend* for Donald!

>Then there's a Goofy story (seven pages). Goofy walks into a tree and
>thinks he is dead. He steal food, and is chased to a hilltop. Mickey
>catches him and tells him he's not dead.

This is D 98415 "Afterlife Of The Party," written by Stefan Petrucha and
drawn by Jorge David. 'Ghost' Goofy morosely decides it must be his duty to
haunt the city by doing "the most villainous thing" he could ever think of
doing. That translates into... well, stealing food from a roadside kiosk...
	"Hey! You gonna pay for all that?"
	"Nope! >Yum!< An' that's 'cause I'm wreakin' muh eternal vengeance
on yuh from beyond thuh grave!"

>The last story is another 'Donald Dak' six pager. Donald can't handle
>watching a soccer match. The match is broadcasted everywhere, and Donald
>ends up as a nervous wreck.

This is D 98179 "Ninety Minutes," story by Paul Halas (plot) and Jack Sutter
(script) with art by Anibal Uzal.

	David Gerstein
	<dge at ecn.egmont.com>

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