How to read Donald Duck

Armando Botto bolcano at
Mon Jan 24 21:02:31 CET 2000

AC, Soren, Frank:
>>> I hope one of you can help me identify the story [...]
>>I smell some G. B. Carpi here, but it must have been redrawn.
>My feeling too. Or, even more so, Capitanio.

I've had a look at my copy of "How to read Donald Duck", so I could see the
third panel as well ;-)
And I fully agree with Soren: G.B. Carpi, probably traced-off. The problem
is: which story ?
The style is that of the late 60es, I'd say (which fits in well with the
Chilean book's publishing date, 1971).
The only candidate I found in the FSB is
I TL 615-A, I TL 616-A (Sep. 1967)
Paperino e i candidati al CIAO
/Martina/Carpi/30+28/avventura sudamericana/Paperino; Zio Paperone, QQQ,
Cuordipietra Famedoro
"Adventure in South America"... I cannot check, as I have only the first
part of that story (reprinted in CWD 42, GCD 91). I'm not so convinced
myself, though ;-)


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