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> The kavalaeian rhytm isn't supposed to be 8-beat  by parts of
> texts, but by sound? Is that right?

Rhythm is *always* "by sound"! That's the whole point of introducing a meter
in a poem!

[How to Read Donald Duck]
> Am I right that this book was burned in Chile sometime after it was
> written, because of a change of leaders?

I don't know if it was burned literally, but it certainly was *banned* in
the days that Pinochet "took over" from Allende. Pinochet's quite a "hot
item" in the news these days, BTW.

> There's also other strange mis-translations in the book.

I think the book has actual quotes from the Chilean comics (re-translated to
English/Danish, of course). I think the Chilean comic translators introduced
some extra "anti-communist" stuff in their version of the stories!

(So the *drawings* may have been traced or retouched, but the *texts* were
original, taken from the Chile comics.)

> The book may say some rightfull things but they don't know much about
> what they talk about, and I heard that the actual comic-reader of the
> two writers has later regretted that he took part in the writing.

I think that was about the American translator, David Kunzle.


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