SV: Right answer = RS!

Per-Erik Malmström pekka.malmstrom at
Sat Jan 29 16:22:22 CET 2000

> But... Doesn't those people work for different companies? I didn't know
> Disney Italia artist did the art for stories written by Egmont writers.
> anything like this happened before?

Well, Marco Rota works for both. I believe he only does covers for Disney
Italia, though. 
> >And there's a new William Van Horn in the same issue too!
> Seems to be a good issue! Will any Rota or Rosa stories be published

There's a new Rota story scheduled for August/September about our ducky
friend the viking. Don't know about Don Rosa, but that can easilly be
looked up at the Duckhunt-site. Which, btw,  gives me a perfect reason to
pay it a visit...


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