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Joakim Gunnarsson kalas.puff at
Sun Jan 30 11:51:48 CET 2000

Stefan Persson wrote [about the new Scarpa & Gerstein story]:

>But... Doesn't those people work for different companies? 
>I didn't know that Disney Italia artist did the art for stories written by 
>Egmont writers. Has anything like this happened before?

Scarpa doesn't work for Disney Italia anymore as far as I know, 
but now and then does some freelancing for the french publisher 
(Just as Don Rosa does.) and now also for Egmont. 

Another example is the Scrooge story written by Byron Erickson 
and drawn by Giorgio Cavazzano, published a few years ago.

Now back to work!  [I have to draw two pages of "BAMSE" and complete 
a script for a long adventure story before I dare to show up at work tomorrow...]

/Joakim Gunnarsson
frilans.bamse at

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