12 known copies?

Arthur de Wolf arthur at concepts.nl
Sun Jan 30 21:28:39 CET 2000


Someone is selling a copy of Uncle Scrooge #159 on eBay and claims something
wrong, in my opinion. The auction reads the following:

"Michael Naiman wrote an excellent article on this book for Comic Book
Marketplace a while back, and has since conducted an informal census on the
ownership of Uncle Scrooge #179, and has stated that there are 12 KNOWN
COPIES. This is perhaps the BEST EXAMPLE of this RARE BOOK."

You can find it at:

I don't think it's accurate to say that the census on this mailing list,
that he is probably talking about, means that there are only 12 known copies
of the comic in the whole world!!


Arthur de Wolf
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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