Somewhere in Italy

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Tue Jul 11 15:30:35 CEST 2000

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Date: 08 July 2000 18:30
Subject: Somewhere in Italy

>Here's a piece of info I found on eBay:
><< A story written by Mr. Barks with John Lustig, and drawn by Pat Block,
>being released in hardback this fall in Italy in English and Italian
>worldwide >>
>So, it seems "Somewhere in Nowhere" is going to be published, at last...
>(The above sentence is all I know about the matter. It was "drowned" inside
>a long description of an item for sale on eBay - a Pat Block watercolor).
Does anyone know who is going to publish this 'Somewhere in Nowhere'?
and is it going to be in two languages in the same book or is it going to be
in two volumes?
Thanks & ciao Elena>

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