Donald Duck's Brazilian special edition

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Sun Jul 30 22:30:12 CEST 2000

    Hi, All!

    Since Disney special editions have become very
rare in Brazil, I'll describe for anyone interested
a surprisingly very good Donald Duck's special edition
for the 50 years of his comic book that Editora Abril
published this month in Brazil.

Its cover can be seen at:

1 - DD 3-page story "Um dia especial" (A special day)
    Donald remember he has a date with Daisy, tries
    to pick up some flowers from a garden, is pursued
    by a bulldog and go to DA's house thinking he has
    no excuses for being late, but find her and HDL
    receptioning him with a surprise party for the
    50 years of his comic book in Brazil.
    No story code. Art:?

2 - 1-page article "Tudo começou com um Pato" (Everything beginned
    with a Duck), about Editora Abril and his owner Victor
    Civita (deceased), who inaugurated his publishing company
    with only one publication: "O Pato Donald" in July, 1950.
    1 page, signed by "The publishers"

3 - 5-page article "Donald na Terra do Futebol" (Donald in Soccer's
    land) about the release of "O Pato Donald" #1 four days before
    Brazil's Soccer team compete for 1950's World Soccer Cup final at
    Maracanã stadium, Brazil. There is an illustration of Donald playing
    with a Soccer ball and wearing the Brazilian team's uniform, and
    the reproduction of the PD's first cover.
    It follows talking about the first stories published, where today's
    readers can see some panels and note the old Portuguese used then
    and the odd initial names the characters had.
    Article signed by Marcelo Alencar (Journalist, translator and
    comic book editor)

4 - 1-page article "O primeiro QUAC a gente nunca esquece" (The first
    QUACK we never forget) about DD's debut on the cartoons with "The
    Wise Little Hen" in 1934, and about Clarence Nash.
    Followed by W SS 1-10 "A Galinha Sábia" (The Wise Little Hen),
    14 original Silly Symphony's sunday pages, 2 per page.

5 - 1-page article "Lição de anatomia" (Anatomy lesson) showing how
    Donald's look has changed through the decades (illustrations by
    Carl Barks). Followed by W WDC  92-02 "Educação moderna, paciência
    antiga" (Spoil the Rod) by Barks.

6 - 1-page article "O muquirana e o crime em Patópolis" (The skinflint
    and the crime in Duckburg), about Uncle Scrooge and The Beagle Boys.
    Illustration by Barks. Followed by W OS  282-02 "O papagaio contador"
    (The Pixilated Parrot) by Barks.

7 - 1-page article about Daisy and her recent appearance in "Fantasia
    2000". Illustration by Barks and a frame of the movie. Followed by
    W WDC 146-01 "Um milhão de omeletes" (Omelet) by Barks.

8 - 1-page article "O sobrenome dele é sorte" (His last name is luck)
    about Gladstone Gander. Illustrations by Barks. Followed by
    W DD   46-02 "O tesouro de Hondorica" (Secret of Hondorica) by Barks.

9 - 1-page article "Inventos sob encomenda" (Invents to order) about
    Gyro Gearloose and Little Helper. Illustrations by Barks. Followed
    by W WDC 242-01 "Folias aéreas" (Ballonatics) by Barks.

10- 1-page article "Briga de gente [e conta bancária] grande"
    (Big people [and bank account] fight) about John D. Rockerduck.
    Illustrations by Giorgio Cavazzano, Don Rosa and ?. Followed by
    W WDC 255-01 "Gasolina Superzum" (Boat buster) by Barks.

11- 1-page article "Aos pés do Monte Vesuvio" (At the foot of
    Mount Vesuvius) about Magica De Spell. Illustrations
    by Barks. Followed by W WDC 265-02 "Operação Corvo" (Raven Mad)
     by Barks.

12- 1-page article "Sempre alerta" (Always alert) about the Junior
    Woodchucks. Illustration and oils by Barks. Followed by
    W WDC 282-011 "O campeão dos refris" (Bubbleweight Champ) by

13- 1-page article "O caipira e os patos" (The countryfied and and Ducks)
    about Paul Murry and his work with all Disney characters and specially
    with the Ducks. (Articles about other artists than Barks are very rare
    over here). A photo showing Murry talking to animation director Dick
    Huemer and illustrations by Murry. Followed by W MOC  56-01 "Caçada
    avacalhada" (The deer-cow) by Murry.

14- 6-page article "A história do Pato no mundo" (The Duck's History
    around the world) showing other Duck artists like Willian
    A. Ward (GB), Federico Pedrochi, Romano Scarpa, Giovan Battista
    Carpi (Italy), Al Hubbard, Tony Strobl and Keno Don Rosa, Willian
    Van Horn (US), Vicar (Chile), Luis Destuet (Argentina) and
    Jorge Jato (1st Brazilian Disney Artist) and others.
    Illustrations by the above artists.
    Article signed by Roberto Elísio dos Santos (Journalist and Professor
    of Communications at Instituto Municipal de Ensino Superior, Brazil)

    That's it.
    -- Arthur.

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