A new Korhonen story!

Frilans Bamse SE - HMJ frilans.bamse at egmont.se
Thu Mar 2 13:07:40 CET 2000

Hi, all!

I just want to inform the scandinavians on this list that they shall make
sure not to miss weekly 10 + 11.
Those issues features one really, really, *really* good story! 
"Hotet fran svarta stridsklubban" by Kari Korhonen and Santanach. (D98376)
Part 1 took the breath out of me and part 2 didn't fail to deliver the
feeling of having read something that will be remembered a long time by
Actually, I think that we have a future classic here...

#11 that I got yesterday also features a nice Vicar, one Hedman/ Manrique
story, one Noel Van Horn, one Peter Hardfeldt and the usual classic
Walsh/Gonzales onepagers.

/Joakim Gunnarsson

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