Indians in comics, etc sonia_dyer at
Thu Mar 2 21:04:39 CET 2000

     Hi Anders-
          Are all comics with Indians banned in the US? Does this mean you 
     don't see comic albums with Yakari, which are so great (But not
                I don't remember EVER seeing any indians in comics in the 
          USA except in Disney comics (Hiawatha, and the occasional indian 
          tribe the ducks would meet in their adventures).  Who's Yakari, 
          and what's that about?
     Arie and Jirgen-
          BTW, it's funny that you call yourself yellow. When I was a kid 
     we were told that it was racist to call Asian people yellow.
                     Same here.  On the otherhand, we're _supposed_ to use 
          the word "black" to refer to a Negro person. It used to be an 
          insult in the USA to call a Negro a "black" person.  The 
          preferred term was "colored", which is what was marked on the 
          separate drinking fountains, bathrooms, hotels, etc.  But now the 
          term black is preferred above the term Negro, and you hardly ever 
          hear the word colored anymore.  And there are other terms that 
          you dare not use any more, but which certain black people still 
          use all the time when speaking to each other (even on TV).  
          Things aren't very consistent are they?
          I do have some black friends, BTW, but they're all Africans, and
     they don't seem to feel like they have much in common with black
                     Yes, the two or three black people I know who were 
          born in Nigeria and Cameroon in Africa don't seem to be carrying 
          around the same "baggage", which matches your experience in 
                     BTW, thanks for the comic story summaries you've been 
          doing.  I enjoy reading them.

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