#98 - Rabbits

Kfitz kfitz at halcyon.com
Fri Mar 3 03:27:24 CET 2000

> I don't see why Indians, Blacks or any other "race" would be offended
> to see themselves in a comic, as long as they are carricated in a bad
> way.

Hi, Anders!

In the US, there are people who worry about offending people to the point
that they are offensive. Many of us refer to these people as the PC Police,
jokingly. These people don't really care if someone is offended they mostly
want to control others and set standards for them that they would never

Most people of various races are not offended by things not intended to

I have never been offended by anyone who speaks from the heart.  Even if
they say something in a way they didn't mean to.

Most people in the US are not in denial about history. Those old stories
that include dialects in comics or otherwise reflect a time and an area.  I
have known people of all races who suscribe to Disney comics both when they
were children and whenever they can now.

Some of the PC stuff may be well intended but as you say is just another
form of censorship IMHO.


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