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>                I don't remember EVER seeing any indians in comics in the 
>          USA except in Disney comics (Hiawatha, and the occasional indian 
>          tribe the ducks would meet in their adventures).  Who's Yakari, 
>          and what's that about?

Yacari is a Belgian Comics by Derib about a young native american at the
beginning of last (1800, ... the next will start Jan 1st, 2001) century.
For the other answer here is a recent extract ... 

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Subject: Natives in the (comics) news

TOM STRONG #3 presented a futuristic version of Mesoamerican culture, the
Aztech Empire.  Led by ruler Moctecuzoma and computer intelligence
Quetzalcoatl-9, these other-dimensional invaders would've conquered the
Earth if not for Tom Strong's intervention.  See the comic for a
speculative look at how Aztec iconography might have evolved with modern

NEW ETERNALS #1 added a few formerly unknown godlings to the mix.  The
newcomers included Ceyote, a.k.a. Tomorrow Hawk, a.k.a. Thomas Hawk
(TOM-orrow Hawk...get it?), a Native American from the US Southwest.  Good
thing, too, since the original Eternals were almost pure white European
types.  Ceyote didn't do much in this story, but a token is better than

In DAREDEVIL #9, the beginning of a multi-part adventure, Matt Murdock's
would-be assassin and potential girlfriend is Maya Lopez, whose father was
a Cheyenne nicknamed Crazy Horse.  In DD #10 Maya pantomimed a Native
legend, but it's not clear how much her Plains ancestry will influence her.

X-FORCE #99-100 featured another appearance by Danielle Moonstar's worst
nightmare, the Demon Bear.  Unfortunately, the Bear, and the story, had
almost no Native connection this time 'round.  A waste of paper and of
Moonstar's character.

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