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>From: "Fernando Ventura"
>>>>>Exactly, "Mylar"bags are made of what?
>Mylar. Mylar bags are made of Mylar. It baffles science.
>Mylar is a brand name for a totally *inert* plastic, unlike other types,
>*particularly* the polyethylene types that all other "comic bags" are made
>of. As I said, that polyethylene plastic has chemicals in it that will
>damage the comics over the long run. You can easilly see this when you look
>at the "comic bags" you bought 10 years back which, at that time, were
>crystal clear, but are now foggy and yellowish (when you look at a stack of

Many folks I know still use plastic bags, but change them every 4-6 
yrs.  It becomes quite a job.

B. Martin

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