Picsou Magazine 338, Marco

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Thu Mar 16 19:22:10 CET 2000

Finally, since the #337, Picsou Mag staff
have decided to continue to print the
C.Barks' one page stories series and
some stories rarely printed (in France).
So, since two issues i feel fine with PM :-)

Here's a short description of the last Picsou
Magazine :
-Don Rosa pin-up #23 "only a poor old man"
-Uncle Scrooge #1 cover repro (not a facsimile)
-W OS  386-02      C.Barks' "Only a poor old man"
-W WDC 224-01     C.Barks' "The Beachcombers' Picnic" *
-W US   23-05     C.Barks' "The Fabulous Tycoon" * 
-W US   24-04    C.Barks' "The Magic Ink" *
-W US   26-04    C.Barks' "Return To Pizen Bluff" *
-W WDC 243-01    C.Barks' "Turkey Trouble" *
-W WDC 251-01    C.Barks' "Duck Luck" *

Four C.Barks' one page stories
Six Taliaferro's 1939 daily strips.
And at last...
A big poster (75x55cm) with
Don Rosa's Duck Family tree on one side
and 16 Don Rosa's pin-up on the other side.

Clearly, a luxurious issue of PM.

March is not sparing of good surprises.
I've had the pleasure to read a veeeeery
goooood story of MM in Mickey Parade,

I TL 2283 "L'ombre du dragon"
which is drawn by Paolo Mottura and
scripted by Tito Faraci.

The art is very inventive and the story
is a bit different because Pete is friend
with Mickey and they join together to
fight against a tyrant.
A last thing - the action is happening
in medieval Japan.

Isn't it the same story you were talking about in January ?


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