Rosa books in Finland.

Janne Heino j.heino at
Thu Mar 16 23:59:32 CET 2000

After Rosa visited Finland promoting his Kalevala book, his comic books prices have raised like a rocket!!


The Lo$ book costs about 160 mk  ( about 32 dollars)

The Kalevala book costs  160mk - 220mk  (about 32 - 40 dollars)

Kadonneen Kirjaston Vartijat book before Rosa's visit   - >  130 mk - 150 mk  (about 25 - 30  $)
Kadonneen Kirjaston Vartijat book a week after Rosa's visit   - >  280 mk  (about 47 $)
Kadonneen Kirjaston Vartijat book NOW  - >  400 mk (about 65 $)

I got these prices from the biggest and best second hand shop of Tampere. 
So you could say that Rosa's visit made the Kadonneen book's price go sky-high... 
But if I must say I think 400mk is too much for the book... 
They defended them self that the book is impossible to find anywhere these days... But if they can sell it for 65 bucks that just shows how right they are and i will raise my hat for them.

Rosa is hot in Finlad ... believe me or not.

Janne Heino
j.heino at 

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