"Possible" Carl Barks Mention In National Geographic?

F. A. Elliott eliot508 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 21:24:32 CET 2000

Awhile back someone on this list said there was a
chance that a brief mention may appear on (I think)
the National Geographic Webpage related to the
magazines Carl Barks used. Does anyone know if
anything became of this? Thanks and God bless,

F.A. Elliott.

The 'one' who has a finger on 'it'... scratches against the mahogany lining of a coffin crying, "I am Jonah! I am Jonah! Spit me back out so I may see and feel the light of day again." And, the levithan does not heed for it knows every great epic must come to an 'end.'
A tasty morsel known as... "understanding."  (F.A. Elliott)


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