Lucca Comics: Part II

Paolo Castagno p.castagno at
Sat Nov 4 13:27:20 CET 2000

"Dr. Archontis Pantsios" wrote:
> ...The "Lucca Comics Travelogue" continues and concludes...

A very interesting report, Archontis!!!

> Early in the afternoon Armando's cellular phone announced the arrival of
> another dcml-member: Paolo Castagno! I have been corresponding with Paolo
> for more that 3 years now and I had hoped that he'd be able to make it to
> Lucca from Rome, a 5-hour drive! Until the previous night, we weren't sure
> whether he'd be able to make it, so when we heard he's there, it was really
> great news! We arranged a meeting at the fair's entrance and after 3 years
> of virtual correspondence I was finally able to meet Paolo in person. Paolo
> was accompanied by a his girl-friend (an attractive blond! :-)), who must
> really be in love with Poalo, given the fact that she made the long trip to
> Lucca even if she couldn't tell the difference between Donald Duck and
> Asterix! :-)

Well, it wasn't for free: I'm sure I'll have to attend a lot of
"interesting" conferences, such as Donald Duck in Barks "Big-top
Bedlam" (W OS  300-02)!!! ;-)

  - Paolo

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