New member / Spanish translations?

Santiago Garcia Banhos sgarcia at
Wed Nov 15 10:41:01 CET 2000

> Hello, my name is Jon, I´m a Norwegian, but currently live in Barcelona,
> Spain. I start right off with a question: How much of the classic Disney
> comics is translated into Spanish, and where/how can it be
> bought? It does not
> seem to be known here at all. Even specialized comics shops don't have
> anything.
> Jon

Well, first and foremost, welcome to this list, Jon. I am Spanish (from
Madrid) and I'm sorry to tell you it's been several years ago that they
stopped publishing Disney comics here. The only way to get some is to search
around old-book shops, or you may lurk in the internet newsgroups, etc, to
find someone to sell his old collection (sometimes you can success).

The classic Disney stories (Barks, Murry, Strobol, Scarpa, Cavazzano, etc)
were translated into Spanish from the 50's until the 80's in several
collections, but they are out of sell now. The most recent publication I've
seen was Don Rosa's LO$ in 1997, which surprisingly selled off in few
months, and I haven't been able to find even a single issue since then. :-(

Any other info, please feel free to contact me by private email.


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