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Don wrote:

>>>Yep, got those... but I added the library just on my own simply as being
>>>logical and obvious. Was such a room ever shown in a Barks story?

Well, you can see a library in many stories, but not by Carl Barks. I check
my Komix collection but until now, I haven't found a *real* library by Carl.
I saw some books in the first panel of "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone"
but it wasn't a library, just Scrooge's office.
I also found a worry room in "The Money Well" story, page 4, panel 1. Is
that interesting for you?

>>>Nope, no hidden entrances for vehicles. $crooge has no cars and there is
>>>money deliveries to the Bin in "my" vision. (It's all *old* money... his
>>>new money goes to banks or exists as bank account transfers.)

That's correctly!

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