MM dailes 1937

Martin Olsen martin_olsen at
Sun Nov 26 17:05:36 CET 2000

Klaus Harms wrote:

>A.n.f.s.c.d.: About a year ago there was a discussion about "The
>Complete Daily Strip Adventures of Mickey Mouse 1930-1955)"; it was
>claimed then that one specific page was generally missing from ALL known
>copies (page 15 from the 1937 volume). After finishing an extensive
>examination of my copy I found that the mentioned page is present there.
>I will provide a scan of the page (200 dpi, 1200 kb) or a xerox on

The printed version of 1937 does indeed contain a page 15, but if you look
at it carefully, you will notice that it is identical to page 14 (except, of
course, the page number). What *is* missing in the 1937 volume is the
intended contents of page 15, i.e. the strips for March 18-20. I have a
reconstructed version of the *real* page 15.
The 1937 volume has another "error": The surrounding volumes have the strips
printed to fill the pages with only a narrow margin at the top and bottom.
The 1937 volume has all strips reduced to a much smaller size.


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