cubic acres

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Tue Nov 28 15:42:34 CET 2000


>>  Of course, 3 cubic acres is not a real measure, but if it were, then 
>> the Bin should be about 3 times as big: 360 feet.

I don't understand that calculation, Frank, but it may be because I am a...

> non-mathematicians ready to argue that a cubic acre is the volume of a 
> cube whose side has a surface of one acre.

1 acre = 4047 m2, hence the hight of three acres must be the square root 

of 3 times 4047 m2 if we assume the bin to be a true cube. This gives 

us 110 meters--certainly a high building--more than 30 floors or so.

BTW, in Danish "acre" translates to "mark" which translates back again 
to "field".

Anyway, I complety agree with Vic. All these considerations are more or 
less meaningless. Who cares if there are one or two doors from the 
office to some library. Perhaps a certain splash panel would have looked 
empty without two doors, so Barks put them there. He probably hadn't 
imagined that years later someone would go and ckeck if those two doors 
were consistantly used in all his other stories. The very same goes for 
the butler situation etc. etc.

(who don't want to know exactly what the money bin contains...never! :-)

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