Money Bins/McDuck Building

Rob Klein bi442 at
Tue Nov 28 23:09:14 CET 2000

With regard to Timo's comment on Scrooge's building that is not "the Money
Bin":  It is clear (based on Barks' drawings of clearly different edifices
in different locations) that Scrooge McDuck had several different large
self-standing "Money Bins" in Duckburg. Some were on Killmotor Hill, some
on flat land, some by the Duckburg River.  He may have had more than one
(or even several at the same time).  In addition, Barks drew several office
buildings owned by Scrooge (in DDOS and Christmas parades and US 1and
several later US ("Golden River", etc.) that included giant built-in safes
or money "bins".  It is clear by Barks' drawing that he owned several such
buildings (known as "The McDuck Building" ("Built with your money")).   If
we use Don Rosa's timeline for Scrooge's return to the Duck Family in 1947,
 he didn't have the "classical "Money Bin" until mid-late 1951 (depending
upon whether one uses the date of Barks' finished inks, or publication.  I
am referring to WDC &S 135, in which Scrooge invites Donald & HDL to view
his new "Money Bin" for the first time.  The Boys are the same size and
very close in age to all other Barks pictures of them.  That means that the
entire period of his stories must have taken place over a few years.  Given
that, Scrooge must have had his money stored in one, or several "McDuck
Buildings" from 1947 most of 1951.  Then, he moved most of his money to his
new cubic "safelike" Money Bin on Killmotor Hill.  Through the years, with
his new earnings piling up, he added new money bins (or changed its

Therefore, shouldn't we be describing the plot plans and making blue prints
and elevations of SEVERAL different money bins (and also McDuck Buildings
(with office descriptions))???

Rob Klein


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