$crooges money bin!

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Wed Nov 29 08:32:55 CET 2000


> If anyone can think of how to also respect the 3 cubic acres of cash bit,
> lemmee know.

Actually, if anyone can figure out how the money bin can be six-dimensional
and make a story out of it, that's you!

> >>>The Golden Fleecing: On page 10, panel 2, we can see Scrooge saying
> (according to the Greek translation): "I don't believe you. We are in the
> 20th floor!".
> Oh, jeeze! I need to check that one! (But if it's true, I'll need to just
> ignore it! I can't see the place being so tall.)

It can be, if the floors are duck-sized, rather than human-sized. Why
waste all this premium office space by having non-functional high
ceilings? Besides, Uncle Scrooge's employees should be sitting on their
desks working, rather than standing upright for useless things such as
coffee breaks, so duck height is plenty of height even for them!

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