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Fabio "Efx" Rossi efx_al at tin.it
Sun Oct 8 21:40:54 CEST 2000

>Once in a time I'm very happy after reading the weekly
>In this issues there are some interesting things that I'd like to
>share with you:
>The first story is from Cavazzano (written by Mezzavilla) and is
>a weird one, not "silly" as usual, that I liked very much.
>Deserves a 7 in a 1-10 range

but 8 is better, if we consider the drawing of Cavazzano.
I think  Giorgio Cavazzano, Massimo De Vita, Romano Scarpa and Don Rosa are
the best
Disney drawer (alive) in all world.

>Then a Young DD story (Paperino Paperotto) nothing memorable, but
>it made me laugh! 6+

too much amusement, "Paperino Paperotto" is a deformed Donald Duck and very

>What's interesting is a new serial of stories inspired to
>Hemingway short stories. There are also some pages of editorials
>abot Hemingway, Cavazzano (the co-ordinator of the project), Tha
>"Accademia Disney" (the place where new Disney artist grow up),
>and the new artists who will drawn those stories (8 in total). A
>mark of 8 summing up story and articles!

This is a beatiful thing, but the ability of drawer is very different.

>A short Gilbert story... well... 3- (you can't have everything!)


>The most interesting story of the issue, IMHO, is "Paperinik e
>l'anatema punitivo" (Super Duck and the punitive curse) where
>Donald wears again Paperinik costume, but not as a super hero,
>but as an avenger of himself: like in many stories from the early
>70ties, Gladstone and Scrooge team up against Donald to bother
>him while he is with Daisy. Well, DD wears his costume to have
>his vengance. Also, this story is well drawn by Fabio Celoni, one
>of the artist I more used to blame... but recently his style
>become very interesting, and nowadays I like his art a lot. 8 1/2

the style of Fabio Celoni is improved, but...

>The lasst story is with the Ducks in 1927, few months before the
>great Wall Strees crisis... pretty interesting topic, since the
>Nasdaq falling... I'd say a 6 1/2
>To conclude: a very, very, very good issue. Thanks to everyone
>involved who could be reading this.

but read the story of Massimo De Vita (sacred monster) in Topolino n°2334

p.s. e se disquisissimo anche in italiano?

>"Dimmi, nipote, questa e' la terza o la quarta scodella di latte?
>Non vedo il tavolo per via delle lacrime!"
>(Zio Paperone in W OS  367-02)

ehehe non ricordavo! ma io ti potrei dire:
"Gambadilegno: non posso sopportare la vista del sangue!
Topolino: non è nulla! qua un buon cerotto!
Gambadilegno: grazie... ma la vista  del mio sangue, naturalmente!"

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