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Botto Armando Armando.Botto at elsag.it
Mon Oct 9 09:16:01 CEST 2000

Paolo wrote:
> The first story is from Cavazzano (written by Mezzavilla) and is a weird
one, not "silly" as usual, that I liked very much. Deserves a 7 in a 1-10
Alessandro answered:
> Yes, a quite strange history, but it seems to be a "truncated" one. The
first time I read it, I did'nt like it at all
I would like very much to know more about your opinion of the story. Why did
you like it?
I think it's only a collection of unbound illustrations, there is'nt a plot,
the story suddenly stops and nobody, me at least ;-), may  understand what's
really happened

Well, sometimes a story doesn't need a completely defined plot to be
beautiful... it can leave a little space for the reader's fantasy to roam...
Anyway, here's the "real" plot of the Mezzavilla story, as I understood it:
(SPOILER ahead - maybe ;-))
When he was a little child, Mickey lost his teddy bear in a park.
Now, to the present. Mickey is taking a nap on a bench in the same park. Not
far from him, a little child starts crying because he's lost his teddy bear.
As it often happens, this external input is turned into a dream by Mickey's
So, Mickey dreams a (dreamily ;-)) strange mystery story, about a villa
where people lose the things they care most for. In the end, he finds the
place where all lost things are stored, and his teddy bear is there, too.
Mickey hugs it, happy as a child...
And he's woken up by the baby-sitter of the little child in the park, who
asks him to help her find the kid's teddy bear.
(end of SPOILER)

A very nice and poetic story, IMHO. And drawn by Cavazzano, too... I really
hope for more of the same kind!


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