New scanned stories: DO we have permission to do that?

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Thu Oct 12 10:43:06 CEST 2000

> From: Apostolis Trikourakis [mailto:komix43 at]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 11:18 PM

> WE don't have permision to scan stories. But that's not the
> point. The point is that we don't have permission for making pages or
> scanning images or transfering articles in the web, not only scanning
> stories.

- An image is a part of a story, and can be regarded a "quote". Quoting is
allowed in common copyright laws. (Disney may be interpreting these laws in
their own way, though...)

- Articles are *about* Disney comics, and everyone is free to write an
article (and use quotes in that article).

- But *entire stories* is a different thing. This is simple copyright
violation. Not only Disney would say so, by *any* company or person owning a

Scanning Brazilian stories serves a good cause: it is very unlikely that the
rest of the world would be able to see and read those stories. So to my own
moral standards, it's a Good Thing.

But the Barks and Rosa stories are still available from everywhere in the
world. With your scans on the Web, people don't need to buy (for instance)
the Gladstone comics. So you are in fact stealing money from these companies
(without gaining any money yourself).

> Do you
> want for all us to shut down our pages because of a stupid 
> law which saying that only the company have the copyrights?

There is plenty on (y)our webpages that can stay there, so no need to shut
And the copyright law is not stupid. It's common sense to protect the
creativity of individuals.


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