Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Fri Oct 13 10:51:36 CEST 2000

Pietro Reynaud-Bersanino:

> Thomas Jefferson, in a very different time - true - but 
> correctly, noted  -
> that "one man's knowledge does never diminish another's"

There is a difference between knowledge and art. I agree that knowledge
should not be kept from anyone (but still the origin of the knowledge should
be credited). This is continuously happening in the scientific world.
This is also the intention with our Inducks database, for instance.

But *art* is a different matter. It was made with a different purpose. And
it is not more than fair to protect the creative process with a copyright


> something that Harry, and many others
> might not realize, is that comics are a dying field in the USA.

I do realise that. I have been experiencing it several times. 8-)

> Yes it is a copyright violation but there is no way that Disney could
> ever keep track of all of the downloaded stories on the web.

I'm not sure about that. Disney might threaten the mostly-used providers
with lawsuits, and then *noone* will be allowed to have *any* website
related to Disney. I'm not sure this will happen, but with Disney you can
expect anything.

> We need to
> keep in mind that we are *not* stealing from Barks or Rosa, or even
> Gladstone for that matter, (because backissues sold in comic 
> shops have already been bought by the comic shop).

Back issues can still be ordered from Gladstone (or the Bruce Hamilton
Company), if I'm not mistaken. (And Gladstone's "Library in Color" is still
for sale in many European book shops.)


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