Swedish Disney writers

Hans Kiesl hans.kiesl at sowi.uni-bamberg.de
Fri Oct 13 11:58:44 CEST 2000

A question to the Swedish list members:

In an old issue of a German fanzine (Nov. 1977) I found the 
translation of an article from "Aftonbladet" which deals with Disney 
comics from Sweden. 

Several writers of Disney stories are mentioned: Ulf Nilsson, 
a librarian from Ronneby (only one story published); Erling Frick, 
a teacher from Avesta (only a few stories published); Margareta 
Wilson, a teacher from Helsingborg (more than 70 stories published). 
They all wrote for Gutenberghus (Denmark).

There is no information about these persons in Inducks or on the DCML 
site. Does anyone know more about them?


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