Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 15 17:06:44 CEST 2000

I'm a duckhunter. 
I'm one of those who has scanned stories, again like
everyone else who does so, not for personal profit,
but for the good of fans. 
We published the coin last year at Christmas on
duckhunt... So did we take any money from Picsou doing
that? I don't really think so... The issue may have
been sold out at the time we put the story online. 
What happened when we put it online that i got many
thank you's and questions about certain pages that
they couldn't download because I'm a yerk at
Some nice people, including the author himself warned
us about Disney but nothing happened, and nothing has
happened yet. 
Also we scanned this year the story Attaaaaaack, and
put it online. This time we got a nice warning from a
duckhunt-reader who advised us to take the scans away
from the main-page where we linked to them, so we did.
Now, they're just another place, and one of us carries
somehow the repsonsibility. 
Our philosophy about putting those two stories online
has been to show them to american and european readers
who didn't read english, and it still is. Now the
story is published in France, Finland and Holland, so
the people from these countries wont have to look at
our page, cause they wont find Don's dialogue there...
only one that I amaturistic translated from french...
with help from nice people. 
The case is the same with the Attaaaaaack-story. 
Still, the story hasn't been published anywhere else
than those places, and we hvae it there for that
reason. I wonder if we should move it when (hopefully)
Egmont publishes the story in the 3 scandinavian
weeklies. Some american fans still might not have seen
the story. 
If our publishing of those stories has helped some
people to discover the talent of Don Rosa, we
fullfilled the purpouse by putting them online. 

One thing. I think it was my friend Apostolis or
someone else who has the finnish scans of the
Kalevala-story online... That's funny... Now, of
course we heard that AA has 1,1 million readers, but
they probably have the book... all other nationalities
might not be that strong in finnish... But then they
can do as I did before I learned reading (via the
dansih weekly), read the pictures. The original
dialogue is only known by the publishers and Don
himself, I should think... 

Sorry for sending the whole oldlist in connection with
this mail, I'm thinking about forgiving myself
sometime tomorrow.

BTW If I disappear from the list someday you may
expect that some MIB from Di$ney hunted all the
duckhunters down... as though we were ducks in the
hunting season. 


Anders Christian Sivebaek
acsive at yahoo.com

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