a copyright breaker speaks in favour of copyright

Stefan Diös pyas at swipnet.se
Mon Oct 23 17:35:39 CEST 2000

Marco (and Arie):

>But, honestly, I did *not* do it in order to let you spare those 70 bucks.
>I did it in order to let you, and everybody, read the story as it was
>originally printed and not in the CENSORED form of the CBLiC.
>The same goes for the other stories I have on-line.
>I would NEVER dream of putting on-line for everybody stories that are
>available for sale.
>The story on Mickey's marriage is another one that you can find on my web
>pages. There even is a rumour that all unsold copies of that issue of
>"Topolino" were destroyed! The story was never reprinted. I am going to
>keep it on the web until Disney Italy reprints it. At that moment, I'll
>take it off.
>Is this illegal? The only thing I know, is that I feel I am doing something
>right, this way. I am not depriving anybody of money: should Disney Italy
>reprint that story, I'd take it off the web.
>Do you see my point? Some stories by Scarpa are being reprinted every 5-10
>years in Italy. Should I make THESE available for everybody on the web, I
>would deprive Disney Italy of some possible income from future reprints.

I think I need to say that I understand this reasoning quite well. I like
these arguments a lot better than the ones I tried to put down in my
earlier postings. I still wouldn't want to stand behind such a publishing
myself, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to do it, but I won't open my
beak and complain very loud about it either... unless it goes too far.
Legally, it might be just as bad, but "morally" (there we go again), I'm
much more inclined to dislike illegal publishing of stories that are
readily available elsewhere. I don't want to look like a turncoat here, but
I won't hide the fact that I, too, indeed have some understanding of the
notion that the spirit of the law should be just as important as its
letter. But where, o where to draw the line?!??

So, even though I don't applaud this behavior, I guess this is as much of
an acceptance as you'll ever get from me... for whatever that's worth!

I also like to thank everyone for their input, especially those who
elaborated on my two most important points. Rob Klein (and others)
explained  the dangers of a world void of copyright laws, while Timo
Ruppell (and others) explained some basic facts of freedom and democracy...
both, I'm sure, better than I could have done. Also, thanks to all those
who supported my opinions, on the list or in private, and not the least:
Thanks to those who favored the opposing view, or we wouldn't have a

Stefan Dios
Malmo, Sweden

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