True democracy

Rob Klein bi442 at
Tue Oct 24 17:01:01 CEST 2000

This is a bit off topic, but an answer to Harry Fluks question about "true
democracy".  I consider the USA as a republic with a loosely
"representative" government.  Individual citizens vote directly on very few
issues and not even directly for their most important representatives
(national president). The citizen votes for someone to represent him(her)
in congress (parliament).  Then he(she) must hope that the representative
votes the same way as his(her) wishes.  In a "true" democracy, all adults
should be able to vote directly on all important issues affecting their
lives.  Danmark comes much closer to that situation than USA, but even it
is more a representative government than a "true" democracy. The ancient
Greek states wer not "true" democracies either, as they allowed slavery,
and women did not vote.  But, Harry, are you not yourself a stickler for us
not drifting off topic?  -Rob Klein

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